Overcome the Challenges of Commercial Lighting with Performance Lighting

Turn on the TV or check out social media and it won’t be long before you see articles on business energy costs, UK productivity and the challenge of reducing climate change.

In the world of commercial lighting, we’re witnessing an ever-evolving environment. From the quest for energy efficiency to understanding the maze of regulations, it’s a dynamic landscape for electrical wholesalers to navigate. So, what’s on the consumers’ radar in 2023?

With rising energy costs over the last year, we are seeing an accelerating demand for more energy-efficient lighting. According to Carbon Trust, lighting alone accounts for 20% of the electricity used in the UK. Choosing a low-energy option, such as LED lighting, is a great way to budget your spending without compromising on quality or performance.

What’s more, it contributes towards your own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments, and could pay for itself in as little as 1-3 years!

The Challenges of Commercial Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in commercial settings, as it affects the mood, functionality, and energy efficiency of a space. Keeping some key factors in mind can ensure that you pick the right lighting.

Choosing a light source with the correct colour appearance can go a long way in creating the atmosphere you intend. Here at Performance Lighting, we offer a range of lighting products that are CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) adjustable so that you can tailor the lighting to your needs and the working environment.

With rising energy costs, it is important to consider ways to reduce your energy consumption. Today, LED lighting is the most energy-efficient and rapidly developing lighting technology. LED lighting has a longer lifespan than traditional fluorescent lights and degrades at a slower speed.

As of February 2024, many Fluorescent products will cease being manufactured (although suppliers can still sell their stocks). This, along with rising energy costs and a need to reduce environmental impact, means that there is no better time to switch to LED Lighting.

Introducing HYDRUS Non-Corrosive LED Fittings

hydrus non-corrosive fitting

Our Hydrus range of LED Non-Corrosive fixtures is designed to a high-quality specification. They are resistant to corrosion, waterproof, shock resistant and dustproof. This makes them ideal for installation in a wide range of industrial applications, such as warehouses, factories, workshops and car parks.

Our products have an IP65 rating meaning that they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of its standout features is the adjustable Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT), which allows you to select the colour temperature according to your preference, creating the perfect lighting for any setting.

The Hydrus Non-Corrosive LED Fitting also has the option to be supplied with dimming capabilities. This allows you to adjust the light intensity to match your needs, whilst also reducing energy consumption and increasing your savings.

Not only is the HYDRUS Non-Corrosive LED Fitting durable and water-resistant to IP65, but it also boasts a high efficacy of over 130 LM/W, ensuring efficient energy consumption and reduced electricity costs, compared to fluorescent lights. LED lighting can offer energy savings of over 50% in comparison to fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting also offers reduced maintenance in comparison to fluorescent lighting, negating the need to change failed lamps. This is not only more convenient, but also can save you money in the long run.

Our promise to provide the highest quality products doesn’t end with your purchase. Typically, suppliers of fluorescent lamps offer a one year warranty or none at all! Here at Performance Lighting, we want to ensure that you have confidence in your purchase.. That is why we offer a 5 year warranty on all products in our Hydrus range.

Why Choose Performance Lighting?

At Performance, we’re your trusted partner for high-quality lighting solutions. As one of the fastest-growing lighting companies in the UK, we’re proud to offer industry-leading guarantees, superior product quality, and next-day delivery. Our team are here to help you with their expert knowledge and service.

Check out our website for further information about our HYDRUS range or give us a call on 0113 426 8300; we’ll be delighted to assist!