Edge-Lit or Back-Lit LED Panels: Which are Better?

When did you last update your office lights? If it’s been a while, the buzzing from your old fluorescent lamps might signal it’s time for an upgrade.

With their energy efficiency, durability and superior light quality, LED panels offer numerous advantages over former lighting options. But with so many options to choose from, it can leave you wondering, which is best?

Commercial office spaces often use either edge-lit or back-lit LED panels, each offering distinct advantages and considerations. With that in mind, making the right choice is crucial for businesses looking to secure the most effective lighting solutions.

What’s The Difference?

The main difference between the two-panel types is where the light source is arranged. The placement of LED lights in these panels plays a crucial role in how the light emerges from each fixture. 

In edge-lit panels, the light is directed sideways using what is known as a light guide, whilst in back-lit panels, the light travels straight through the diffuser. 

Edge-Lit Panels

So what exactly is an edge-lit panel? These panels have LEDs chips arount the edge of the  LED panel, which emit light horizontally into a light-guide plate (LGP). The LGP effectively diffuses the light, ensuring even across the front face of the LED panel  

Edge lit are often considered the original style / generation of LED panels.

Whilst edge-lit panels offer smooth lighting and uniform distribution, they come with drawbacks. 

As the light needs to be distributed using a Light Guide Plate, this can make them less efficient than the newer backlit LED panels, where the light is direct through the diffuser.

Also the Light Guide Plate, can degrade over time and make the panels dis-colour, creating a “Yellowing” effect.

Back-Lit Panels 

Unlike edge-lit panels, back-lit panels have an array of LEDs spread across the rear of the luminaire, emitting light vertically through a diffuser, often known as direct-lit panels.

The primary distinction between the panels is that back-lit lighting doesn’t need a LGP. This eliminates concerns about diffuser discolouration, yellowing.

But the benefits of back-lit panels extend beyond that. They provide increased  light output and higher lumen per watt ratios resulting in the need for fewer fixtures to light up your space. ​​This not only saves costs but also reduces installation time, making it a practical lighting choice for your needs.

Our Carida Back-Lit Panels

Ready to banish light loss with an incredible 120lm/w performance? Check out our Carida Backlit panels.

Carida Backlit Panels

Our Carida panels come in a range of sizes and colour temperatures. They are also available with emergency and dimming options, allowing you to customise your lighting experience based on your specific requirements.

They’re also TP(a) rated, guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety standards.

With a high output of 120lm/w, these panels provide exceptional brightness whilst consuming minimal energy, meaning significant cost savings and reduced electricity bills – perfect for the winter months! Plus, they include a generous 5-year warranty, ensuring your investment is secure for peace of mind.

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