Hydrus Non-Corrosive LED Fitting

Our Hydrus range of LED Non-Corrosive fixtures are designed to a high-quality specification.

They are resistant to corrosion, are waterproof, shock resistant and dustproof, making them ideal for installation in industrial applications, like warehouses, factories, workshops and car parks.

  • ukcace
  • ip65
  • year5

Available Options

  • dimmable
  • Emergency Lighting
Product CodeDescriptionWattagecolourLumens
PL-HYD-4S-19/5 Hydrus 19W 4ft Single LED Non-Corrosive Fitting 19W 4000K 2185lm
PL-HYD-4T-38/5 Hydrus 38W 4ft Twin LED Non-Corrosive Fitting 38W 4000K 4370lm
PL-HYD-5S-30/5 Hydrus 30W 5ft Single LED Non-Corrosive Fitting 30W 4000K 3450lm
PL-HYD-5T-60/5 Hydrus 60W 5ft Twin Non-Corrosive Fitting 60W 4000K 6900lm
PL-HYD-6S-35/5 Hydrus 35W 6ft Single Non-Corrosive Fitting 35W 4000K 4025lm
PL-HYD-6T-65/5 Hydrus 65W 6ft Twin Non-Corrosive Fitting 65W 4000K 7475lm

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