Go Green: Choose Sustainable Success with Access to Funding

In today’s eco-conscious climate, ensuring that your business operations are sustainable is a must. Going green is not just about saving the planet (although that’s of course the goal) – it can also help you save money, attract new clients and future-proof your business against rising climate change disruptions.

We know that getting started can be daunting, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and you can find yourself asking – where do I even start? That’s where funding from your local authority comes in, offering you a leg up to a more sustainable business.

In Leeds, funding is provided by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA); elsewhere, you’ll find similar information on your local authority website.

Why Go Green?

Committing to eco-friendly operations can benefit your business in so many ways. Here are four of the biggest advantages that you’ll notice once you go green:

Reduce your environmental impact: Choosing environmentally friendly options helps to minimise your carbon footprint, conserve resources, and lessen your contribution to climate change.

Save money: Implementing waste, water, and energy reduction strategies can lead to significant cost savings on your bills.

Future-proof your business: Green businesses can adapt to the effects of climate change, be it extreme temperatures, flood risks, or supply chain disruptions, much easier meaning that daily operations will be less affected if these situations were to arise.

Boost your reputation: You can attract eco-conscious customers and employees who seek a company that aligns with their values.

Supporting Sustainability Goals

Your Local Authority: A Partner In Sustainability

Incorporating sustainable practices into your daily operations can come with challenges. Your local authority will be able to offer a range of support to help guide you through this process. These services include:

Expert Audits

After contacting your local authority, their team will provide tailored guidance on everything from measuring your carbon footprint to developing a net zero plan and even identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Access To Funding

Eligible companies will be able to apply for grants and financial assistance. You’ll find financial support is available for you to invest in energy-saving equipment (such as LED lighting) and sustainable practices to ensure that you can achieve your green goals.

Who is Eligible For Support?

All small and medium-sized businesses are encouraged to apply to their local authority for support. Whether you are just starting or are looking to refine your practices, support programs can help you on your journey to sustainability.

Our Journey to Sustainability

Here at Performance, we’re committed to pushing beyond simply delivering results; we’re dedicated to doing so responsibly.

That’s why in 2024, we’re making a conscious shift towards strengthening our CSR and ESG protocols. We believe that true success is measured not just by financial results, but also by the positive impact we have on our community and the environment.

Taking The First Step

Are you ready to explore how your local authority can support your business as you go green? Visit the WYCA website to learn more about the funding programs, helpful resources and available expert advice.