Connect Over a Cuppa: A Five-Year Journey of Growth, Challenges and Innovation

Taking a moment to reflect on your company’s journey isn’t just a nostalgic exercise; it’s a powerful tool for recognising growth, celebrating milestones and promoting gratitude amongst your team and stakeholders.

Last year in Harrogate, our co-founder and director, Matthew Walker, had the pleasure of addressing an engaged audience of company leaders at Connect Over A Cuppa. With enthusiasm and insight, Matt touched upon the initial hurdles we encountered when launching Performance, navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic and highlighting the resilience that brought us to where we stand today.

Connect Over A Cuppa

Overcoming Challenges

In just five years, we witnessed a surge in turnover, reaching an impressive £4 million. This expansion, however, comes with its own set of challenges, including changing market conditions and cash flow management.

When we first launched Performance, our goal was to turnover £1 million each year for the first five years. Due to the significant impact of the pandemic, achieving this target became increasingly challenging.

Our biggest priority became the support and security of our staff. Fortunately, with helpful schemes such as furlough, we were able to retain every staff member and bounce back stronger than ever.

Our team’s resilience continues to shine through. With an understanding of the market’s fluctuations, we’ve adopted a dynamic approach, ensuring that whilst growth remains a priority, so does our financial stability.

Performance’s success to date stems from our dedicated team’s hard work. We prioritise building relationships with suppliers, electrical wholesalers and our valued staff, ensuring our reputation matches the quality of our products.

Looking Forward To The Future

As a company, we’re committed to future progress on multiple fronts. Our investments in office and warehouse developments alongside new sustainable uniforms are just the start of our promise to responsible practices.

We’re currently developing robust ESG and CSR strategies, engaging with our team, valued suppliers and the wider community to map our environmental footprint – and we’re sharing all our insights with you.

Moving forward, we’re excited to grow our product range with the expanding needs of the market. We’ll continue manufacturing our very own products, providing some of the highest-quality LED lighting solutions in the industry.

It’s also time to expand our customer base, reach out to new regions, engage with the best talent and build even stronger relationships with electrical wholesalers.

Now we’re well into 2024 and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for Performance Lighting. Every aspect of our organisation is dedicated to improvement and learning. That’s why we prioritise quality products and valued customer/supplier relationships.

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