Carida 600×600 Backlit Tp(b) LED Panel 5 Year Warranty

Carida is our brand new series of Backlit LED Panels, combining excellent design and great reliability with a 5 year warranty.

Backlit panels remove unnecessary loss of light and give a great 120lm/w performance

  • ukcace
  • ip20
  • year5

Available Options

  • dimmable
  • Emergency Lighting
Product CodeDescriptionWattagecolourLumens
100001 Carida 600x600 Backlit LED Panel 3000K 30 W 3000 K 3500 lm
100002 Carida 600x600 Backlit LED Panel 4000K 30 W 4000 K 3600 lm
100003 Carida 600x600 Backlit LED Panel 6000K 30 W 6000 K 3700 lm

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