Factory & Manufacturing

In House Factory and Manufacturing

As part of our wide range of in-house manufacturing services, we are able to offer an unrivalled level of service and expertise.

 Our dedicated and experienced team are on hand to provide our customers with highly skilled lighting knowledge, so you can be reassured that any job we take on will be of the highest quality.

Our on site warehouse provides us with all the tools and space to be able to take on any job, no matter how big or small, and provide our customers with a truly ‘end to end’ solution to all their lighting needs.

Here’s an example of the manufacture of a fitting made in our in-house factory in Leeds


Empty Midbay body


Adding control gear


Installing LED boards


Finishing the wiring


And we have light!

Want to find out more about our in-house factory and manufacturing??

Unrivalled expertise and service

All work carried out and tested on-site

End-to-End solution under one roof

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I know I can trust Performance Lighting to deliver my lighting projects on time, with high quality lighting products, at the right price. That kind of trust is key when running lighting business, supplying all areas of the market.

Marvin Coopman

Business Owner -

Marlite UK