Anillo 3CCT LED Round Panel

A range of slimline 3-CCT LED recessed panels, designed with quality materials, components and Tp(b) rated diffuser.  These high efficiency, energy saving luminaires are available in a range of sizes and wattages.

  • ukcace
  • ip20
  • year3

Available Options

  • dimmable
  • Emergency Lighting
Product CodeDescriptionWattagecolourLumens
100018 Anillo 6W LED Round Panel 3-CCT 6 W 3000/4000/6500 K 510/570//540 lm
100019 Anillo 9W LED Round Panel 3-CCT 9 W 3000/4000/6500 K 765/855/810 lm
100020 Anillo 12W LED Round Panel 3-CCT 12 W 3000/4000/6500 K 1020/1140/1080 lm
100021 Anillo 15W LED Round Panel 3-CCT 15 W 3000/4000/6500 K 1275/1425/1350 lm
100022 Anillo 18W LED Round Panel 3-CCT 18 W 3000/4000/6500 K 1530/1710/1620 lm
100023 Anillo 24W LED Round Panel 3-CCT 24 W 3000/4000/6500 K 2040/2280/2160 lm

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