Our Latest Project: A Collaboration with HG Electrical and Electric Center Leeds

You know how companies are always trying to squeeze out every last drop of efficiency in the workplace? Well, it turns out, good lighting design helps to improve productivity, reduce stress levels and lower energy costs in office environments. A win for you, your people and your bottom line!

With that in mind, let us shed some light on our recent project collaboration with HG Electrical and Electric Center Leeds.

The Process

So, what did we do? We handled everything from product specifications to lighting design, ensuring that every element met the end client’s brief. This project wasn’t just about delivering lighting fittings; it was about lighting the space with purpose and expertise.

From concept to execution, our collaboration with HG Electrical was seamless. The continuous linear suspended fittings were designed for a brand-new installation, crafted to enhance workspace functionality and ambience. We also incorporated a low-glare microprism diffuser to provide excellent light control.

We always consider the importance of tailored lighting solutions to boost productivity, so we made sure every detail was just right. Finished in sleek black with a microprism diffuser, continuous linear suspended fittings were the perfect solution for the client’s office space; securing the correct lighting level with a low-glare design.

In our line of work, meeting deadlines with exactness is crucial and we take pride in our ability to deliver on time, every time. From specification to urgent supply, we worked to ensure the project ran smoothly from beginning to end.

Creating the lighting design allowed us to show the contractor and their client that we’ve achieved the precise, optimum layout and positioning for the luminaires. It also reassured them that the lighting meets current recommended standards in design, supply and installation.

Workspace LED Lighting


Consider the importance of lighting in your workspace, both natural and artificial. It’s not just about brightening rooms; it’s about creating an environment that cultivates efficiency and provides comfort. In this case, our fittings were specifically tailored to the client’s needs and environment.

Choosing the correct lighting fittings provides a number of benefits for employees and employers. When you choose the right lighting solutions for your office, you can create a more productive, comfortable and safe work environment.

The Result

Picture sleek, continuous linear suspended fittings finished in black, adorned with a microprism diffuser. These elements aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they help reduce eye strain and fatigue, which can lead to increased concentration and focus.

This project is just a glimpse of what we can achieve when expertise meets innovation. Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to transform spaces, one project at a time.