LED UFO Highbay

Our UFO style highbays are a range of IP65 rated, high efficiency, slim profile, LED fittings, ideal for replacing metal halide/SON lamps. They are suitable for use in retail, commercial and warehouse applications.

  • ukcace
  • ip65
  • year5

Available Options

Product CodeDescriptionWattagecolourLumens
PL-UHB100/4 100W LED UFO Highbay 4000K 100 W 4000 K 12300 lm
PL-UHB100/6 100W LED UFO Highbay 6000K 100 W 6000 K 12500 lm
PL-UHB150/4 150W LED UFO Highbay 4000K 150 W 4000 K 18800 lm
PL-UHB150/5 150W LED UFO Highbay 5000K 150 W 5000 K 19600 lm
PL-UHB150/6 150W LED UFO Highbay 6000K 150 W 6000 K 19800 lm
PL-UHB200/4 200W LED UFO Highbay 4000K 200 W 4000 K 26000 lm
PL-UHB200/6 200W LED UFO Highbay 6000K 200 W 6000 K 26500 lm
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