Emergency Batteries (NiCD)

We stock a wide range of emergency NiMH and NiCD batteries, available in a variety of configurations, plus many bespoke and non-standard formats to meet any emergency lighting requirements.

Available Options

Emergency Battery Product CodeEmergency Battery Product Description
PL-BAT-D-2IN 2 Cell Inline
PL-BAT-D-2SS 2 Cell side by side
PL-BAT-D-3+2 5 Cell 3 + 2
PL-BAT-D-3+3 6 Cell 3 + 3
PL-BAT-D-3IN 3 Cell Inline
PL-BAT-D-3SS 3 Cell side by side
PL-BAT-D-4IN 4 Cell Inline
PL-BAT-D-4SS 4 Cell side by side
PL-BAT-D-5IN 5 Cell Inline
PL-BAT-D-5SS 5 Cell side by side
PL-BAT-D-6IN 6 Cell Inline

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